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If your smile isn’t as white and shiny as it once was, don’t turn to those store bought at home whitening kits, visit Dr. Chris Mei in Dearborn, MI for a professional teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening services, like the Zoom! teeth whitening method we use in our office, are far more effective and much safer than these store bought remedies. If you need to rid your mouth of stained or yellow teeth, Zoom! teeth whitening is the best solution.

Advantages of Zoom!

  • Radiant Teeth | The most obvious benefit of Zoom! teeth whitening is the improved appearance of your teeth. Say goodbye to yellow or stained teeth once you visit Dr. Mei to get your teeth whitened. Since the procedure is quick, you will walk out with completely different looking set of teeth.
  • Self-Confidence Booster | One of the first things people notice when they meet you is your teeth. Yellow and stained teeth often prevent patients from smiling which is what makes Zoom! teeth whitening a powerful self confidence booster. Once your pearly whites are white again, you’ll be smiling nonstop.
  • Safe | Many store bought teeth whitening kits can be damaging to your teeth. Excessive whitening can lead to the erosion of enamel and hypersensitivity in the gums and teeth. This makes Zoom! teeth whitening much safer and more effective.
  • Quick and Easy | A typical Zoom! teeth whitening appointment only takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete making it one of the quickest and most effective services we offer. You can even request a take home Zoom! kit during your next dental checkup or teeth cleaning.
  • Immediate Results | We live in a “I want it now world” where everything we could possibly desire is at our fingertips. Professional teeth whitening can be added to the list of services like this. Unlike at home whitening kits that can take multiple applications to notice a difference, Zoom! teeth whitening has immediate results you can see after your appointment.
  • Affordable | Teeth whitening is not an expensive service and it’s definitely money well spent. If you want to improve your appearance without spending a ton of money, Zoom! teeth whitening is an inexpensive option.

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