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sedation dentistry - Dearborn, MichiganTake a deep breath and let us treat you with a relaxing and gentle dental visit at West Village Dental Care in Dearborn, Michigan. For those of you who experience dental anxiety, we provide several sedation methods so that you don’t have to worry at all when you come to visit your dentist. Our sedation dentistry options will make any procedure or treatment easier, more convenient, comfortable, and stress-free.

At West Village Dental Care, we understand the anxiety some patients get when visiting the dentist. Fortunately, we’re able to offer a variety of sedation dentistry methods to keep you comfortable and worry free during your visit. Our options for sedation are sure to provide a stress-free and easy process. So sit back and relax, knowing West Village Dental is here to help.

Methods of Sedation Dentistry

We offer a few different options for sedation here at West Village Dental. Those who experience dental anxiety can rest assured that their visit will be pain and stress free. Take a look at the methods of sedation we offer:

  • Nitrous Oxide | Often referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide will entirely relax your mind and body through your appointment. The gas is administered through a breathing mask by our staff and will leave you with a pleasant and comfortable feeling. Though you are conscious during the procedure, you won’t experience any anxiety or pain. Often times, patients do not remember much from procedures done under nitrous oxide.
  • Oral Sedation | For patients who deal with more severe dental anxiety, Dr. Mei can prescribe oral sedation such as Valium or Ativan in addition to nitrous oxide to give you some extra reassurance. The medication is often taken approximately one hour prior to the procedure. This effective method will keep you relaxed throughout your visit.
  • IV Sedation | For the quickest calming effects, Dr. Mei may recommend IV sedation for a better dental experience. IV sedation is administered through a vein and provides a fast-acting effect. During your appointment, our staff will closely monitor your levels and adjust them as needed.

Whichever method works best for you, Dr. Mei and West Village Dental care for our patients and strive to provide a worry-free and relaxing visit. Proper dental care is essential in maintaining a healthy mouth, and dental visits are a necessary and key to oral health. We understand the discomfort patients can experience throughout their visits, and we want to provide them with the comfort they need.

Try It Now

If you experience anxiety, discomfort, or fear throughout dental visits, our sedation dentistry methods may be perfect for you. Call our Dearborn dental office at 313-563-4466 or contact us today for a stress and worry free appointment using one of our sedation options.

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