Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Are you sick and tired of the hoards of candy your kids bring home from trick-or-treating every year? Are you eager to make a change; to make a difference in, not only your children’s lives, but in those of your neighborhood children? We’ve put together this list of fun and healthy Halloween treat alternatives.

Healthy Alternatives to Candy

No need to stock-pile pounds and pounds of that dentally unhealthy Halloween candy. Instead, search for these kid approved candy bowl alternatives:

  1. Milk or Dark Chocolate: If you MUST purchase candy, chocolate is one of the best options. Chocolate melts quickly as easily washes off teeth, giving bacteria no opportunity to cling to teeth.
  2. Sugar Straws: While comprised TOTALLY of powdery sugar, sugar straws are very easily dissolved giving bacteria little to no time to settle into the nooks and crannies of teeth.
  3. Sugar-free Gum: This is always a VERY popular choice for trick or treaters. Kids love to make bubble after bubble with sugar free gum. It also promotes saliva generation, which helps to remove food particles and bacteria from teeth.
  4. Temporary Tattoos and Stickers: What child doesn’t love a good sticker or tattoo? Your little ghosts and goblins will love choosing their favorite sticker or tattoo.
  5. Glowsticks: Children adore a good glow stick, and they also promote safety in the dark Halloween night.
  6. Dress-up Accessories: Children love to dress up and play pretend. Choose accessories that will last much longer than candy, giving hours of fun make believe.

Choose some or all of the above suggested items, then let children pick one or two of the items. You will soon be the favorite house on the block!

Healthy Treats equals Healthy Teeth!

Even if you choose to go the traditional route with candy bars and suckers, a dental check-up before the holiday rolls around will help protect your child’s teeth from the sugary treats. Prevention always saves you from pain and higher dental repair bills down the road. Don’t hesitate, schedule a check up today by clicking here or simply call 313-563-4466.

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