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Did you know over 92 million Americans suffer from some form of anxiety over receiving even minor dental care. As a result, millions of Americans and their families suffer from poor or no oral health. At West Village Dental Care, our staff are committed to your complete comfort and ease. We know dental care is vital to good oral health and longevity of teeth.

At West Village, we work hard to ensure you are calm and comfortable whenever you are in our office. As such, there are several options, medically, that can ease anxiety levels before and during a dental procedures.

Sedation Dentistry is the Solution

You’ve probably already had some form of sedation dentistry and not even realized it. Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is common and widely used. While this is enough for many patients to feel completely comfortable, in the case of a tooth extraction or a larger procedure, there are other options for those patients who have a higher level of anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry takes a high level of specialized training. Our staff at West Village Dental are all trained in: advanced methods of sedation dentistry, each segment of sedation treatment and how it works, customizing treatment plans to fit the individual needs and how to converse with a sedated person. We are committed to your overall well-being and want you to have a positive experience in our office.

Pediatric Sedation is Vital for Positive Dental Experiences

The experiences children have at a young age can mold how they react to those experiences throughout their entire lives. Having positive dental experiences will lead to consistent and healthy oral hygiene throughout their lives. Pediatric dental sedation for a tooth extraction (or other dental services) serves multiple purposes. Not only does it alleviate any anxiety and fear, it also gives our staff the opportunity to do more work in one visit without your child feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. This saves parents time and keeps dental office visits to a minimum.

Additional Benefits of Gentle Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is helpful in managing pain, discomfort, anxiety and fear. In easing anxiety symptoms, muscles are naturally more relaxed leading to less soreness after your visit, speeding healing time.

Some forms of sedation actually have an amnesiac effect, so the patient won’t even remember most of the visit. Throughout the procedure patients will be relaxed and calm, able to follow directions and answer questions, but the memories following will be softened to a comfortable feeling.

Visit West Village Dental Today!

Sedation dentistry isn’t necessary for every patient in every circumstance. However, if you or your child have had a difficult visit to the dentist and have let that keep you from regular dental visits, then sedation dentistry could be the answer for a more gentle, comfortable dental visit. If you live in or near the Dearborn area, let our staff tell you about your sedation dentistry options! Call us at 313-563-4466!

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