Beneficial Foods to Promote Oral Health

When it comes to oral health, combating such things as tooth decay and gum disease isn’t always easy. Your teeth are constantly threatened by plaque, bacteria, and the foods you eat, which makes it difficult to keep them clean and unharmed. While brushing and flossing are surefire ways to protect teeth and remove food debris, bacteria, and plaque, these actions alone aren’t always enough. Of course, you can further protect your teeth by visiting Dr. Chris Mei at West Village Dental Care, but you can still do more.

In fact, you can actually eat a variety of foods that have been shown to promote oral health. At West Village Dental Care, we know the importance of oral health, as well as how hard it can be to maintain. Between routine check-ups, a proper oral health regimen, and eating the right foods, your teeth will surely benefit. Before we take a look at these beneficial foods, let’s take a minute to understand the relationship between oral health and nutrition.

How Nutrition Promotes Oral Health

Everyone knows the importance of a well-balanced diet. Nutrition goes a long way when it comes to supporting your body and staying healthy. Just as a poor diet affects your body’s functioning, it also affects your teeth. In short, maintaining a nutritious diet will promote oral health and lower your chances of tooth decay and gum disease.

As noted in a previous blog post, the sugars, carbohydrates, and starches in a variety of foods all work to form plaque on your teeth. If not properly removed, plaque buildup can not only harden into tartar, but it can also lead to tooth decay and gum disease. To combat these effects, you should both avoid foods high in sugar and starch, and try eating beneficial foods for oral health.

Best Foods for Oral Health

By avoiding harmful foods and eating the ones to follow, you can maintain your oral health, all the while supplying your body with essential nutrients—it’s a win-win situation! Protect your teeth today and consider adding these foods for oral health to your grocery list:

  • Cheese: According to studies, cheese raises the pH in your mouth, which can reduce your chance of tooth decay. Some also believe the chewing needed to eat cheese also increases saliva production, which protects tooth enamel.
  • Yogurt: Rich in calcium and protein, which strengthens teeth, yogurt also contains probiotics that attack bacteria and protect your gums. Remember to find yogurt with no added sugar.
  • Spinach & Kale: Leafy greens like spinach and kale are high in calcium, so they’ll protect tooth enamel.

Promote Oral Health With Nutrition and West Village Dental Care

Clearly, you can do plenty to promote oral health and reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Between eating beneficial foods for oral health and maintaining a proper cleaning routine, you can do a lot for the health of your teeth and gums. In addition to all of this, every patient should visit us at West Village Dental Care twice a year for dental cleanings and checkups. Here, Dr. Chris Mei can assess your mouth and look for any underlying issues, as well as give your teeth a thorough cleaning.

To schedule an appointment, contact us here today. You can also give us a call at 313.563.4466.

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