Does Invisalign Work for Overbites?

Does Invisalign Work for Overbites?

Invisalign is a modern tooth correction treatment that uses clear plastic trays to straighten teeth. Many patients prefer Invisalign to metal braces because of the ability to remove the aligners during meals. Invisalign patients don’t have the same dietary restrictions as patients with braces, though they should remember to eat foods that are healthy for teeth.

To correct overbites, braces use tension to shift teeth and align them with the jawbone. Invisalign corrects overbites in a similar way, but they do not require brackets or wires. After consulting with Dr. Mei and his team, we will use photos, x-rays and impressions to create a unique set of clear aligners. If patients wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day, they will soon have a straight bite and smile. Invisalign is the preferred treatment by those who don’t want brackets and wires in their mouth but still want a healthy smile.

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Is Invisalign More Comfortable Than Braces?

Those of us who’ve had braces remember the initial discomfort of having brackets pressed against the upper and lower lips. Those with braces that play contact sports have to take special care to avoid an injury to the mouth. To avoid breakage, those with braces have to avoid hard and sticky foods, and there is a constant struggle to not get food caught between the wires and brackets.

Invisalign provides patients with the same correction treatment but with much less hassle. The clear plastic aligners are nearly invisible, and patients can remove them before meals. As a result, teeth are easier to clean because, without brackets, there are fewer places for bacteria to hide. Patients with Invisalign will enjoy a comfortable treatment that allows them to eat what they want without having to clear food away from the brackets.

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