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Residents of Allen Park, Michigan can find quality, trustworthy dental care with Dr. Chris Mei of West Village Dental Care. Our office can be found in Dearborn, but we are happy to service the people of the surrounding area, including Allen Park. Dr. Mei is a Michigan local and has been practicing in Dearborn since 1986, and has been nominated as one of the “Top Dentists” in hour magazine, known as an international speaker, and serves as a mentor at the Kois Center in Seattle. He is qualified, experienced, and ready to give you the dental care you deserve along with his friendly team at West Village Dental.

Raised in Allen Park, Michigan, Dr. Mei has a true connection and desire to help the residents achieve the perfect smile. In Fact, Dr. mei even graduated from Allen park High School. If you live in Allen Park, Michigan and are in need of quality dental care, give us a call at 313.563.4466 today to get started by scheduling an appointment.

West Village Dental Care Services

Dr. Mei and his wonderful team provide a variety of quality services to those needing dental care. We offer teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign, and more to give you the smile that you’ve always wanted. Make a convenient appointment that works with your schedule, and come and see us.

Teeth Whitening

Having white teeth is a great way to add confidence to your smile. Your smile is one of the first thing that others notice, after all. Zoom! Teeth Whitening is one of the quickest and most effective teeth whitening methods on the market today. Dr. Mei offers Zoom! both in the office, and take-home trays for your easiest convenience. Zoom! is a low sensitivity system, meaning it is gentler on your teeth than other methods, making it safe and comfortable.


Veneers are porcelain shells that are placed on the front of the teeth to cover defects and imperfections in the teeth due to injury and decay. They can also be used to mask discoloration, give you bright, white teeth, cover fillings, and improve the look of worn down teeth. Porcelain is long lasting, and can help you achieve a stunning smile. It is a straightforward, simple, and quick procedure that doesn’t require heavy anesthesia, and is sure to give you a confidence boost!


Invisalign is an increasingly popular teeth straightening method that uses a series of clear plastic trays to gently, yet effectively, guide your teeth into the perfect position. They are more comfortable than traditional bracket and wire braces, and allow you to remove the aligners to clean properly twice each day. It has also been proven to be just as effective as traditional braces, without the discomfort!

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Schedule an appointment with Dr. Mei and his wonderful team of experienced dental hygienists for one of our high quality services. Give us a call at 313.563.4466, or contact us here. We promise to give you the best possible dental experience for a fair price, and are always looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Per surgical placement
  • FDA quality implants
  • An $1,800 value!
Exam and X-Rays $35
  • Full set of x-rays
  • Comprehensive Examination
  • A $318 value!
In Office
Zoom Teeth Whitening
$249 after $50 rebate
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