10 Reasons for Teeth Whitening

They say first impressions last a lifetime. What will someone’s first impression of you be? WIll they see a bright, white dazzlingly beautiful smile or one dulled and stained by years of harmful food and habit choices? At West Village Dental, we utilize only the highest quality, most effective whitening products on the market.

Dr. Mei and his staff have years of experience in the teeth whitening industry. He has spent considerable time and money in the best products and training available. Let’s talk about some of the reasons why our patients choose teeth whitening.

  1. Safer: Professional teeth whitening is safer and more reliable than over-the-counter or online products.
  2. Effectiveness: When done under the supervision of a professionally trained Dentist, teeth whitening is more effective than online products.
  3. Sensitivity: Our Zoom! Teeth whitening system is formulated especially for those people who may have tooth sensitivities.
  4. Color Matching: Dr. Mei has the ability to custom match color to your specific wants and needs.
  5. Fast Results: With our professional formula, we can brighten your smile by several shades in just one treatment.
  6. Self Confidence: A bright, white smile can deliver a healthy and much needed dose of self confidence. Your smile will last your entire life, you might as well enjoy it!
  7. Erase the Signs of Smoking: Our Zoom! system can whiten teeth that have been permanently discolored by smoking.
  8. Repair Visual Age Damage: As enamel gets worn down with age, teeth begin to look yellowed or grey. Teeth whitening can brighten teeth and offset the appearance of teeth aging.
  9. Food Stains: Erase the years of damage done to your teeth by coffee, soda, acidic and sugary foods.
  10. Long Lasting: Professional teeth whitening uses a much stronger formula than over the counter systems. Consequently, results last considerably longer.

Call West Village Dental Today!

Whether you are looking to erase damage done by smoking or simply want to FEEL better about your smile, West Village Dental can help. With Dr. Mei and the Zoom! Teeth Whitening system, anyone can have a brighter, whiter smile. Being safe, easy to use and highly effective are just the beginning of the benefits you’ll receive through our Zoom! system. Call our Dearborn office at 313-563-4466 to get started today!

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