How Does Smoking Affect Your Oral Health?

Most people are aware of the harmful effects of smoking these days. However, many people continue to smoke and use other tobacco products because they are a difficult addiction to quit. While we understand just how hard it can be to stop smoking, we also know how damaging the effects can be on oral health and want to shed some light on them.Read more

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Why Seeing a Dentist Regularly is Important

Spring is the perfect time of year to get things in order and clean the house. While there is probably a thousand things you are thinking about to get ready, your teeth may not be one of them. However, oral hygiene is a very important part your everyday routine, and it can even affect your overall health.Read more

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Different Types of Toothpaste

Sometimes, it can be difficult choosing a certain type of toothpaste that is suitable since there are so many kinds to use, and each claims to benefit your teeth in one way or another. For some people, certain types of toothpaste may suit their teeth better than another.  Read more

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Healthy Easter Basket Snacks

Though Easter is a time for families to gather and celebrate their beliefs, it’s also become a day for children to search for candy-filled baskets, courtesy of the Easter bunny. While this is a blast for kids, and for you as their parent, it’s also up to you to ensure your children’s oral health is well kept.Read more

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Gums

Most people know that taking care of their teeth is important, but aren’t as savvy when it comes to their gum health. However, unhealthy gums can lead not only to pain and discomfort, but more serious issues such as gum disease and even heart disease.Read more

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What Does Fluoride Do For Your Teeth?

Without fluoride, our teeth are at risk of demineralization— which can, and often does, lead to tooth decay. In fact, teeth are always at risk, which is why it’s essential to brush, floss, and see Dr. Chris Mei regularly. Another helpful practice, however, is ensuring you get enough fluoride.Read more

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5 Fun Dental Facts

While nearly everyone understands the importance of regular dental checkups, daily brushing, and regular flossing, many patients view dentistry as a boring necessity. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are many fun facts about dentistry and teeth.Read more

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Best Tips and Tricks for Flossing Your Teeth

Most people are aware that flossing plays an important role in a good dental routine. However, the way you floss your pearly whites also has a huge impact on the health of your teeth and gums. Flossing too hard or aggressively can damage delicate gum tissue, while flossing at correct angles can really aid the removal of food and plaque buildup.Read more

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5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy this February

February can be a tough month on teeth with Valentine’s Day and all the chocolates and candy most of us consume. At West Village Dental Care, we know that asking you not to indulge during holidays and special events is not only unrealistic, but not necessarily a healthy or balanced approach to life.Read more

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What Can You Do for Sensitive Teeth?

When it comes to sensitive teeth, there’s a lot you can do beyond switching your toothpaste. The cause of your sensitive teeth might be due to a genetic predisposition, but it can also result from a variety of health, lifestyle, and oral hygiene factors.Read more

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